viernes, 25 de mayo de 2012


Dżem, un gran descubrimiento de la música polaca contemporánea. Aquí os dejo: "Ballada o dziwnym malarzu", es decir, "Balada del pintor extraño". Gran canción.

Empty pockets and bag full of dreams,
Here's a strange painter, who had been here.
Everyone knew him, knew that:
He sold his soul to the world a hundred brushes.

He did not trust people and you probably also
Too much pain he suffered, too many tears shed.
Nourished by contempt and thrown penny,
Often, sitting here, he wanted to sell the paintings.

Whoever has a buy now?
Do not you see, turn left, you want to go.
And maybe, just when you see them
You will find the weakness of their dreams and shine.
Who knows?

Life turned in his sleep,
Getting lost somewhere along the way and the truth of its meaning.
By the end of the weigh and knock there,
Where to now white paint painting ever.

Who will buy even one day...

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