jueves, 19 de mayo de 2011

Jacek Kaczmarski - Kara Barabasza

Este dibujo de Barrabás es un regalo de Adam, un amigo polaco, medio artista y sacerdote. Me encanta, y cada vez me gusta más. Lo tengo desde hace ya varios meses, pero sólo esta semana he decidido buscar la canción que narra la anécdota. Es de un cantautor polaco, Jacek Kaczmarski, ya fallecido. Sólo he encontrado una traducción al inglés de "La pena de Barrabás". Es genial, ¡genial! Y el dibujo, perfecto. Puedo imaginarme perfectamente sentada en la taberna. No puedo explicar cuánto me ha impresionado.

Punishment of Barabbas
Tavern with view onto Golgotha
With a criminal you’ll today drink
Cascading wine – bloody and golden
Wet faces like wet tables’ brinks
Message through town spreads instantly
This mob – true income for the host
That here you can meet the murderer
Who just avoided death on the cross

Chorus: Let’ s drink - it’ s our luck
What comes from life - take during life
Toast for our Barabbas
After all he’ s also a man

He drinks but hasn’t regained his speech yet
Has not quite grasped he’s ‘mong the living
Hand clutching mug of wine resembles
Hand crushing Bratnal’s head unforgiving

Feet under table - confused in dance
The mad man asking for his way
His feet – feet of the sentenced one
Yet free and lively – and unnailed

Townsmen are drinking now with beggars
Soldiers have put aside their spears
And also drink – their work so hard
The town is feasting – now at ease

The governor has just proved his mercy
Without it – what is left in the world?
Toasting singing and loud clapping
Indeed there’s justice on this earth

At last Barabbas burst with laughter
Stretched out his hands as if on the cross
Another message in town spreading
The beast is sane and jests with joy

An air of gossip reached the palace
Pilate trying to sleep in vain
Dancing helplessly in his memories
Words politics mob - - and faith

Tavern with view onto Golgotha
Flashes of dawn on crusts are leaping
The host has had the mob expelled
Counting his income
- - Barabbas weeping
- - Barabbas weeping
- - Barabbas weeping

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